Victim of Irene

<p>Actually, I'm okay, everyone I know, and everyone I have ever heard of is okay. Irene was a non-event here in Merry ole Maryland. Of course it was, however, I have been without power since Saturday night at 10pm. This is not at all unusual, my power goes out if it <em>looks</em> like it's going to maybe be cloudy. The reason for this is I live at the end of a peninsula and the vintage 1950 power lines that service my small community run through 12 miles of state forest.</p> <br/>

I actually feel like I am more the victim of Delmarva power than the victim of Irene. The embarrassing thing about this is that all of the non-utility companies like Comcast and Verizon have three or four trucks working on the issue on the same pole intrastructure as the power lines use. Delmarva? Nowhere to be seen, it's rediculous.

In anycase, I will be posting some content more relevant to all of you as soon as the power is restored. Right now I am just sitting at a wireless hotspot so that I can check my email - probably a more important communication mechanism to me than my phone.

Hope everyone else made it through as well as we did.


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