New Nikon Specific Aperture 3 - Product Quiz

I have about 300 requests for Aperture 3 presets that are camera specific for Aperture 3. I get these in my emails all the time. I have released a few free ones as well as put up a really crappy screencast explaining a general approach to emulating the Nikon out of camera look with picture controls using Aperture 3.

Here is the rub - although I generally think education is the best route and that commercial presets are not people are clamoring for presets that do this. The freebies that I have offered have generally had decent reception and there are tons of links to them from all over the place as well as thousands of downloads I don't feel good about them. The formulas that I used for my own personal cameras and shooting were far more "accurate". The reason for this is that I owned the camera and had images of 1000 different scenes, with diverse lighting, colors, etc, etc. The presets I have release for cameras that I don't own were hampered by a lack of image diversity for that particular camera.

If there is a demand out there I will be glad to put the time in to post presets for my newly acquired camera - the Nikon D7000. It will probably take me a few weeks until I am comfortable with them the the wait won't be long. While I am at it I will also do D700 presets because I do happen to have the image diversity for that camera as well. S0 why charge money for them? Well the answer is complicated but the two primary reasons are that I take a lot of time to post information on Aperture 3 work-flow on this site. Yes - I post a lot of rants as well but the less opinion oriented stuff actually takes me a LOT of time. These presets will take me a lot of time as well - more than you would expect. Those of you who have contacted me know that I am pretty generous with my time when contacted with specifics via email, etc. I do want to continue this as I enjoy it but want to at least limit that time and support to those that have some level of commitment, even if it's only a couple of bucks for cigarettes and beer.

So here goes - anyone interested in paying a couple bucks for Nikon D7000 Picture Control presets for Aperture 3? These will be camera specific - not those ones you see that allegedly cover all cameras that really don't cover any of them well.

The Nikon Picture Control presets for Aperture 3 are here.


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