Friday - Random State of the Union Thoughts

After yesterday's stream of consciousness post on my near miss with the X100 and my D7000 impulse buy post I thought I would post some of the other things going through my mind on the state of the union in digital capture devices. Here are a few…

  • It is obvious that the X100 is a popular device. The why is obvious as well - a nice looking, compact digital camera with a good lens, coupled with a reasonable viewfinder and simple direct controls for the things that matter the most. I have been harping and longing for this for years. Back in the film days this was the consumer norm and some of these were so so good in terms of lens quality that you couldn't beet them with 35mm regardless of price. They were also very very inexpensive. The mark has so far been missed. Very confusing. The M9 is great but that is a completely different ball game in terms of price. X1? - Please. X100 - close but no cigar, and until the price comes into somewhere near reality given that it's performance is on par with far far cheaper DSLR's a no-go for me. You see this used to be reversed with film - fixed lens compact = cheaper than SLR. Hmmm.
  • WTF is with Nikon - they cannot make a compact worth crap and that's all were getting with the latest announcements? Really? = Where the heck is the "D700x". By my watch it's about 2 years overdue. The latest sony announcements are probably an indicator of what we'll see next - a D400 with that 24mpix APS-C sensor is my bet followed a year down the road by the also ran DSLR pack from Nikon getting the same treatment. The big big question is where the hell is any news on the FX front? On that note - the NEX7 is the very first NEX camera I would even consider - too bad it's still ugly as hell. I hope we see some better/smaller/nicer lenses for the NEX lineup.
  • Speaking of lenses - WTF. I thought that micro-43, and APS-C were supposed to rain down cheaper, smaller, higher performance, faster, super lenses. What did we really get? Hmmmmmmmm. 30,000 variations of plastic zooms with dim apertures - how many different 18-55, 18-70, 16-55, 17-??, 18-105, 18-200, 18-19, f3.5-4 or 5.6 f'ing zoom garbage do we need. Are they small? some of the crappiest are but anything remotely fast or large aperture is pretty freaking big compared to your typical garden variety 50mm f1.5 of the 60's 70's and 80's. With a few, and I mean a few exceptions the crop sensor lens selection is totally lack-luster and kind of ho-hum - WTF. Where the hell is my 35mm f1.0, my 24mm f1.4, my 70 f 1.2? etc, etc. No-no not the FX ones that are huge and cost an arm and a leg - the ones that cost way way less with APS-C/m43 coverage. Wasn't this the original APS-C DX story? What do I have 10 years later, let's see a freaking 35G f1.8 - that is about it and I why the hell can't I have an aperture ring or a distance scale? Why? 10 years later and I get a neutered freaking f2 class lens?
  • Have you seen that interchangeable lens camera from pentax with a freaking p+s sized tiny little sensor. Yes it's cute and I would buy one just for the hell of it except EIGHT HUNDRED F'ING DOLLARS. What are these guys smoking. Didn't they have enough punishment with that ancient non-selling, 110 format SLR system back in the seventies? When I saw the thing I was thinking "cooooool, pentax is getting into the APS-C/M43 NEX class market and they make some nice glasssssss" Then I looked closer - they have come un-hinged.
  • Thank god for Kodak - Nice, really nice new films in ALL formats. Is this as crazy as that Pentax move? I hope not but only time will tell. Please join me in shooting at least one roll of film a month. Please. It looks really really nice and it's a nice break from the brain rattling digital march toward hell articulated above...

Have a nice weekend - except for those that are in the hurricane's path, like me - you be safe and maybe get a good image or two if you can…


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