My Fuji X100 Non-Saga

Remember that lens poll from a week or so back that I posted? I already mentioned that I had an ulterior motive - namely my own personal decision on dropping the cash for a Fuji X100. I came to a resolution on that matter and I wanted to share my own personal thought process with you as well as how the poll is related in some strange askew way to that decision.

Please do not take this post as any sort of to buy or not to buy kind of advice or wisdom. It's not at all that, consider it entertainment or maybe even just a semi-interesting glimpse in to how my whacky gears grind upstairs. As some of you already know I am a master at rationalizing just about any camera gear purchase. Heck if I have the itch I can even convince myself I am somehow saving money no matter how much the purchase. Trust me I have rationalized purchases that are 10x-20x the cost of a puny stinky little X100.

You may be alble to guess where I landed for my own decision. Here is how it rattled around in my head. In the beginning when the X100 was announced I was thinking "Very cool - just what I want, count me in". Large sensor, nice, small, fast, fixed focal length lens, optical viewfinder, looks nice, real controls for the things that matter, looks like I can get strait to the business of making a picture instead of fiddling with computer shit…

Time goes by, what feels like a long time. Okay come on already where is this freaking thing… Some more time goes by and it's gonna be here any minute now. Oh oh… WTF, a freaking Tsunami? F' the G'Damn Tsunami. Where the hell is the X100? What the F' is the holdup? I don't get it, it's not like there are like 4 guys hand screwing these things togehter. This makes no sense. What the heck is with these Japanese guys - a little wave or something and you can't buy stuff? Heck this is America - you should be able to buy stuff day or night as soon as the thought crosses your mind.

More time goes by, now it's the summer. Okay looks like a couple people have them now. Time to buy one for me. WTF - I can't buy one from anyone I actually trust like right now? Order it? You don't have any idea when it will be in? There are how many orders ahead of me? Screw it let me look on eBay or something. Wot? $1500 - are you f'ing insane? Go to H'll.

More time goes by. Hmmm, looks like it's either wait or pay about $1400 to these slime-ball scalpers. Let's assess the situation: * Mixed reviews - OVF + close focus and wide open a no go. * Fantastic image quality - oooooh let me see - oh they mean you can shoot at like 1,000,000 ISO and the NR makes it all like smoooooth. Hmmm not really that special - not mind blowing. I was hoping for decent. I hear mind blowing but it's not mind-blowing. It's sorta looks real "digital" as in all the images look like "digital" cameras from a mile a way. Not bad just very "digital". Hmmmm - how come everyone that says the IQ is mindblowing has like ho-hum images? Not in terms of IQ just in terms of I haven't seen really really good images as in content? Maybe the camera has bad luck or something. * Everyones heard all the ups and the downs and the work-arounds and the counterclaims - screw all that the concenscious seems to be that the MF sort blows and the AF is okay but at the end of the day it's a "delibrate" camera. * I have been harping that I want a camera sorta like this but this is really more of a half-measure and a high priced one at that. If I don't buy one I'm sorta a hippocrite and not supporting the companies that are almost getting it - I should support them shouldn't I? Maybe they'll get it right next time, we wouldn't want them to go out of business in the meantime would we? * Ummmm - 35mm focal length? I'm not so sure - I mean I have one of the planet's best 35mm lenses - same aperture f2 but my 50 is the one I reach for way more. Maybe I am on crack and should just go with the 35mm lens is for real men kinda thought process - nobody else is complaining that the fixed lens is not a 50mm. * Okay let's do a poll - if everyone else on the planet says 35mm is the bomb than it's gotta be good enough for me and we'll just go with it. $1400 - sheeeeshh WTF? * Hmmm seems a lot of people like a 50mm vs 35mm, more than I expected. Interesting. I guess I am not crazy. We'll okay that was just a delay tactic anyway. Let's just get on with it and buy one. You didn't think the poll was really going to sway me anyway did you?

So as my itchy trigger finger was hovering over the buy it right now button, deciding what highway robber scum-bag to give 1400-1500 bucks to for a MSRP $1199 camera that should be more like $800-$900 at this point in it's "newness factor" I thought… "Hold on one freaking minute here", WTF am I doing? It's an APS-C digicam that is absolutely not going to have the rendering I desire. It's fiddly and digital enough that I am probably going to end up shooting "I don't really care" images with it anyway - the fate of every little, fiddly, no DOF, digicam I have ever had before. Not only that but the digital fiddly-stuff like AF is really nothing to write home about. $1500 - Go to H'll.

Now you may be thinking at this point I will just save my money right? You also may be thinking that I advocate film so much that I am one of those film guys that would never touch digital. Wrong, I will always shoot both. At least for the forseeable future. For me the X100 has too many "flaws" for what I really wanted at an insanely high price. Those flaws would relegate it to more of a toy for me. No way. Now unfortunately I had about $1500 laying around ready to get spent on some sort of camera or something.

Here's what happened, I instantly thought, Hey, I don't have anything remotely modern to hook to all that great Nikon glass I have for when I want digital images. I sold my D3's a while back and they are way way too big anyway. That's why I wasn't using them. Next thing you know I bought a factory refurbished Nikon D7000 for about $1000 and had so much money left over that I shipped it overnight.

Now… What to do with the extra 500 bucks. Maybe I will grab an X100 with it when the price reflects more of the normal digital one year on rot, they should be about that much then. If not - I can still live without it. My film cameras fit what I really wanted in this type of camera far better anyway. Until a digital camera is at least what I want compared to my film cameras at what I consider a fair and reasonable cost for a disposable item I will just be happy. On the APS-C digital side of things, at least the D7000 does that digital auto-stuff about 10,000 times as well for when there is a call for it.


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