Ulterior Motive - The Desert Island Lens Quiz

I don't do a lot of - "What's your favorite"  kinds of posts like the one on Friday. I did have a secret evil ulterior motive though. That motive was to gage how many of you photographer folk out there think they could actually live with a 35mm angle of view as a one and only lens. I have a bunch of 35mm lenses, heck I have the best - a Leica 35mm Summicron ASPH. Problem is I tend to live in 50mm land given the choice and I always have the choice with all of my cameras at the moment.

Why I am dwelling on the Fuji X100. Ever since this thing was announced I have been on again, off again "I gotta get one". Even with the whole Tsunami shortage thing, even with the highway robbery of vendors selling them more than list price, even with all the negative feedback from reality-land, even with trying to talk myself out of it, I still feel the tug… The "I'm a 50 guy" seemed to be working as a way not to buy this camera. I got some confirmation from the quiz that a lot of photographers would prefer living with a 50mm. I also got the numbers that say it's almost a wash and that I should be happy with just a 35mm.

So - why would I get one? I AM a 50 guy. I am more than enraged that dealers crank the price way above what the manufacturer thinks they are worth (which we all know is inflated from the get-go). It's NOT a perfect device. The RAW files are a pain in my already convoluted work-flow. Why Why would I buy one?

Well - I have been ranting and raving at manufacturers for something like this since the dawn of time. Something with a big-ish sensor, a great lens, simple, small, you know - like any of dozens of film cameras from years ago. I should probably put my money where my mouth is and support vendors that try to do this for us. It;s close to what I had in mind if not exactly. I think I will sleep on it a few more days before pulling the "buy now" trigger.

Any of you out there vacillating over the X100? It's not outrageously expensive for a decent camera and lens. I do wish more manufacturers were really in this same game.


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