Questions You Never Predict

My email in-box continues to astound me. Some of the questions and inquiries that I get are perfectly predictable from readers of my little corner of the web. Others I would never predict. Like the one asking me what the "whole picture looked like" for one of the little crops that I use for post icons in the blog design. In a lot of cases the icons are only tangentially related to the subject matter of a particular post. If there are images in the icon will be one of those images cropped. In cases were I choose not to include any images in the post itself I just randomly crop an image I have laying around my desktop.

The icon in question was for this post. Nothing special but here it is… I aim to please, click for larger version.

Probably more interesting as an icon to tell you the truth. I am not much of a landscape guy. This just happens to be a snap I took while out doing a mini-workshop of film behavior and spot metering here locally. Not a bad image but it was at the end of a very hot, humid, steamy, hazy, soupy day we had here a while ago. This translates into low contrast in the distance (sometimes good but hard to pull off without the right scene) and blah colorless, cloudless skies. I guess the horsey-s are nice.

Shot with a 1970's Nikon FE - a 1960's Non-AI single coated 50mm f1.4 lens on re-branded buck a roll fuji color neg 200 ISO film.


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