Aperture 3 - OS X Lion

So far I have upgraded one of my Apple Macs to Lion. Aperture and Photoshop and the rest of my software appear to function as they should. By no means have I done any extensive testing but the initial toe in the water has been favorable.

The machine that I choose would take the first plunge into Lion was my miniscule 11 inch MacBook Air of the previous generation. It runs fast and surprisingly I am loving a lot of the new iOS type features, especially on this Mac. The reversed scrolling behavior of the touch pad is extremely difficult to get used to and I am not sure tha I am going to keep it this way. While it seems natural on the iPad and iPhone devices where your hand is actually touching the screen. It seems extremely awkward and backwards when the screen you are looking at is perpendicular to the touch pad device being used to manipulate it.

I actually use the little MBA for real work like Photoshop™ and Aperture 3™. The last Aperture 3 SuperSimpleStuff™ post was written and tested on the Air as you may have notieced by the demensions of the screenshots. On my big iMac some of the new features may not be as useful but I will give them a chance.

While I am positive that I will run into some glitches so far so good. Overall Lion has been one of the smoooothest in-place OS X upgrades that I have experienced. I only have two days on teh clock with it but I am thinking that the 27 inch iMac will be upgraded very very soon.

One word of warning for those of you using Nik Software. Nik claimed that their current versions work fine with Aperture 3 and LightRoom. I happen to use Photoshop CS5 for Nik. There was an issue with with installing fresh copies of Nik's products with CS5 althought they claimed that any software installed previously would continue to work. Nik has solved the CS5 installation issue for most of their plug-ins - at least the ones that I use - that made me nervous - so I delated the Lion upgrade until that was resolved. There are still a couple of products that have this issue, check Nik's update site for real-time updates if this concerns you.

I will keep you updated with further developments.


Ps. Anyone out there that actually likes the reverse track-pad behavior tht OS X Lion turns on by default?

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