Summer Update

I know the updates have been a little sparse lately. You do know it's summertime right? I do get a little distracted during the summer months. Not that I am not a little busy as well. I have been up to all kind of photo related endeavor. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Finding and testing a new provider for lightjet prints and the accompanying presentation for very large print projects. The last one I used unexpectedly closed it's doors after decades of provining top quality products. Amazing this economy of ours.
  • Doing some mini-workshops on previsualization and exposure for film.
  • A couple small photography jobs - no big deals but still time consuming.
  • Helping another phogorapher develop and design an eBook. A very experimental deal. I will provide a couple of details shortly. The experimental part is that it is a cross between a coffee table book designed to be printed on real paper and a short educational text. It is produced in very high resolution because it is image heavy and designed to be examined closely. More on this shortly.
  • Designing and constructing a shopping cart from scratch. No not as an intellectual exercise. All of the canned solutions that I would consider are too big, bulky, and complemented but don't do exactly what a few of us need and would have to be hacked or plug-in'd to death in any case.
  • Responding to a bunch of email questions. Some of them very similar. I will be putting up a couple of post production related posts - like sharpening based on some of the common questions I get. The topic of sharpening in the context of Aperture 3 comes up more than you might belive. My thoughts on the subject might surprise you. Keep an eye out.

What have you been up to this summer?


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