Sorry for the random posts last evening and this morning. Some failed hacking attempt left a feature on my blogging platform (turd-press) maimed. It is sorta-fixed but not completely fixed. No big deal but this is the kind of thing that really puts some energy into my distasted for WordPress. Yes everyone uses it. Yes There are a lot of things done that you don't have to do. Yes I hate it.

From a software engineering standpoint I never really was in love with PHP - when I saw the state of the "PHP community" I was really shocked and horrified. It's very difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff but that is another story. At the end of the day it sure does motivate me to move to another platform. I love posterous' design and technology but hate the way a few things are implemented that are important to me (not technically as it would be easy for them to allow what I would prefer), Tmblr - maybe now that you can use disqus, or a stripped down, down and dirty good ol' static content generator with some cool tricky web 2.x stuff chucked in for integration. HAML for templating, CSS, and Markdown for content wrinting/posting via iA Writer, Byword, Vi, Darkroom, whatever - maybe even some not-so-tricky git-trickiness for auto content generation and posting.


Ps. I actually got comments on the "WTF" post by the time I deleted it. Who woulda thought?

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