Luck Smiles On Film Shooters

Yes, shooting film brings good luck. When was the last time you paid for one thing digital and got five? Well the mail delivery person showed up today with a film order from Adorama - I actually ordered through Amazon but the order was fulfilled by Adoroma. I ordered 1 pro-pack of Kodak Portra 160 35mm and got n5 pro-packs so that's 25 rolls for the price of 5.

At first I though I might have screwed up and actually ordered 5 but when I looked at the receipt in my email it was clear - I bought one and paid for one but got 5. Wow. There was some language on the packing list that said something about the SKU number and the quantity of 5 of that SKU. Turns out there is some sort of wire cross on the SKU vs price vs quantity between Amazon and Adorama - I would highly advise you might want to try this particular link if you want to see if it has been "fixed" yet. There is more than a slim chance they have not figured it out and you will also get 5 for the price of 1. I say this because the SKU they referenced is for the pro-pack on Adorama's packing list….

I cannot link directly to the Adorama vendor for this item so you will have to navigate to it yourself. Just click the "three new" link and choose the Adorama add to cart button. Good Luck.

Worst case is they fixed the snafu and you get one at a good price.

Remember - luck smiles on film shooters anyway.


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