Nikon Cheap Date

The mailman came today and it was like christmas. I love this stuff, all for $100 from an eBay auction. If you want to learn a lot about photography, be capable of making extremely good looking images once you do, and you have very very little money this kind of thing is the ticket. Look what $100 buys you…

I won't give the complete list but here are some highlights to give you an idea…

  • An almost mint condition Nikon FE in black paint - yep that's black paint over enamel - The kind of thing that makes Leica users go temporarily insane and spend $8000 on a very similar device to shoot film with no included lenses.
  • A pristine Nikkor 50mm f 1.8 AI lens - yea they are cheap on eBay but they are also very very good at taking nice images.
  • A mint condition Nikkor 28mm Non-AI in the all metal variety. Yes it's single coated vs NIC but I can tell you from my own experience it works great - in a lot of ways better than the larger aperture lenses and this one is not only perfect but it came with the Nikon supplied case. Yes it works on the FE - almost every lens ever made by Nikon does.
  • A good condition Vivitar 85-205mm f 3.5 lens that probably takes pictures that are perfectly fine and feels about twice as good as the plastic crap like this made today.
  • A mint condition Tamron SP 90mm f 2.8 macro that has a 9 bladed aperture and probably works great. 90mm f2.8 is a well know quantity virtually all of them are good - this one also happens to focus really really really close. It came with the original box and Tamron case. It's AI so easy to work with.
  • A flash gun that is not pictured. The manual for the FE, a dozen or so filters all in perfect shape like they have never been used. Some of them very expensive like the Tiffen polarizer, the Nikon ND, a set of Close-up lenses in perfect shape, a teleconverter, and a bunch of other paraphernalia.

Heck even if you have loads of cash this is a great way to step out of your norm and make some very different images that you are making with your ultra-zo0m, AF, motor-driven, crop sensored, digi-cam. Everyone talks about how "The camera doesn't matter". I am here to tell you that is absolute bullshit. What everyone means is that every camera can take good images as well as bad images but different cameras with different sensor/film sizes with different handling characteristics, focus mechanisms, wind vs. motor, zoom vs fixed focal length, etc, etc, etc will make very different images in the hands of a single photographer. Heck they even influence the subject you point them at very differently.


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