Shooting Film Means You Must Plan...

Yes - I shoot film. I have been winding my way through a few long outdated bricks of Kodak Portra 160 VC. Love that stuff. As luck would have it I blew through my last roll this week and was simultaneously elected the event photographer for my communities Fourth of July celebration. Hmmmm…

I figured I would head down to the "local" "Pro" photography shop that is about an hour's drive from my house and grab some of the new Portra films for the event Monday. Guess what happened. They don't have it. They have a couple rolls of sorry looking outdated non-pro films but that's it. I call around and NOBODY stocks anything I am remotely interested in. Pretty much Fuji - ultra cheapo color neg film only.

I ended up going to Walmart and picked up a 4-pack of el-cheapo buck-a-roll consumer Fuji. Yuk. I have never been enamored with Fuji's consumer films. They really haven't changed much. I could have lived with the NPS stuff or the 400H but not the crappy consumer stuff. The color is just not my cup of tea. I guess I will plan better. To make sure this doesn't happen again I, the moment I got home I ordered the following…

  1. Two pro-packs of Kodak Portra 160 35mm
  2. Two pro-packs of Kodak Portra 400 35mm
  3. Same as number 1 and 2 in 120
  4. Two discount 5 roll bundles of Kodak Ektar 100 in 35mm
  5. One 5-pack of Fuji 160S just to compare it to the new Portra 160

and since I already had fired up the "buy now" clicking muscles in my right index finger I just went ahead and ordered….

  1. One near mint black Nikon FM
  2. One near mint chrome Nikon FM
  3. Some motor drive coupling covers for my Nikon F3's that happened to be missing them.
  4. A BEAUTIFUL Nikkor 135 f2.0 AIS lens.
  5. and a partridge in a pear tree.

I also added a bunch of bargain film gear to my watch list… I will let you know if better judgement prevails or I find myself rescuing these beautiful old metal - brass - enamel - and glass beasts from a life of oblivious to bring them into the sun making photographs again.


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