New Nikon Digital Camera Annoucement

I am making an announcement today on behalf of Nikon. You will get the info exclusively here as I am actually pre-announcing their new mid-range full-frame FX camera before they have even planned it. Below is an image of the prototype I have been testing as well as a list of the features and controls.

  1. Full frame FX sensor format with a gorgeous viewfinder perfect for super fast and accurate manual focus at apertures up to f 1.0.
  2. Interchangeable camera backs that contain the latest greatest full frame sensor or use any old back from an FE/FM/FM2/FE2 to shoot film.
  3. Shutter speed knob, Aperture Ring, Manual, Aperture Priority AE - that's it.
  4. ISO dial selects meter sensitivity and controls ISO for digital backs. All computing capability is contained in interchangeable back.
  5. Rugged build, all metal shell.
  6. Approximately 1/3 size of the D700.
  7. Can mount any lens ever made (except G lenses which will be discontinued).
  8. No batteries... All power for the next shot is provided by winding the film advance lever.
  9. Planned MSRP is $999, street price around $800.

Why haven't we seen something even remotely close to this so far? Maybe I am going just a hair too far here but I for one would definitely buy two of them. Have you guys noticed the freaking size of the D700 or D3 or for that matter just about any DSLR compared to something like an FM/FE? Would you buy something like this? Even without the self-powered film wind-y thing and the interchangeable sensor/electronics backs? I certainly would. Leica sorta did it - sorta and they can't keep the M9 on the shelves.


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