The Pull of The Foveon Was Too Much

I wrote yesterday about having a strange nagging desire for another Foveon based camera due to my attraction to the couple images that I shot with that dog of a camera, the DP1s prior to returning it. I knew I would not be getting another one of the DP series cameras as they are horrible devices to actually use in more ways than I can articulate. So I was thinking of an SD15, those cameras are below a 1000 bucks new at this point.

As I happen to have about that much laying around that was earmarked for a Nikon D7000. I was thinking hey why not the Sigma? Well better judgement got the better of me and I didn't spend the bucks on a camera that I know will be slow, have no high ISO, etc, etc. Instead I found a new in box factory refurbished SD14. Same sensor, just slower, and even less high ISO capability. So instead of spending a thousand bucks, I spent $400.  Hey if I know all of the SD series cameras are slow, low ISO machines why bother putting out the money for a truly inconsequential  bump in speed and ISO/noise capability.

Hmmm, now what am I going to do about lenses. I could by a Nikon mount conversion kit for it. Or an M42 adapter and by like 9 ultra cheap old lenses. That might be the way to go for me on the cheap. Using my considerable powers of rationalization I figured I had $600+ of "found money" that I didn't spend on the camera body that was just begging to be spent on a lens. I ended up grabbing a Sigma SA mount 50mm EX 1.4 - this should make a great portrait lens as that is what I intend to use this camera for.

I will let you know how it goes - vicarious living through RB…

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