Oh Crap I Am On A Binge - Another Lens

You know that camera I ordered yesterday, the Sigma SD14. It came today. Yep, even with standard shipping. The 50mm 1.4 EX DG lens that I ordered didn't even ship yet. So what is a guy to do? For me, I still had a couple hundred bucks of found money laying around from not buying something else that was more expensive (see how that works?). I bought a Sigma 28 1.8 EX DG. These things are dirt cheap. Now the focus is slow but who cares. The whole Sigma AF thing is crap in any case. I expidited the shipping and we'll see which one gets here first. I hope one of them arrives soon or might have to order something else absurd that I really can't afford and definitely don't need.

As for the camera, a modern Nikon it isn't in terms of ergonomics but for how I like to work it may just fit the bill. I shoot some street, some portraits, some archtecture but almost always am shooting in either Aperture priority or Manual exposure and for the most part use manual focus. The shutter speeds are easy enough to manipulate and so is the aperture, especially because the lenses actually have an aperture ring. There seems to be a thing I can turn on the lens for focus and to tell you the truth, I prefer it that way. The way most of my favorite cameras work.

As for the rest of the camera it is refreshingly free of the 700 million settings. It really doesn't do that much.Thank god. I will use this thing in Nikon FE/F3 mode for the most part. In fact I don't think I will ever have to go back into the menus again. Easy-peasy  I don't chimp so I do no care about the screen size or resolution. I occasionally check the histogram - as in rare occasions. Unless I find some enormous flaws this might actually be fun to use. I already know what I like about it - the color, the way it renders skin, and hair. This might be not only fun but a cheap date as well considering I will have my most used large aperture lenses to boot - a normal and a short tele. If I do like it I will probably need a wide - either a 21mm equivalent or a 24mm equivalent.

It seems to be able to shoot 5-7 seven shots in rapid sequence with not much lag - good enough for me even though the write to card is glacial. I shoot 2-3 in rapid succession as my analysis of EXIF over the last 10 years has proven. The only thing I really care about is it doesn't seem to hold me up from the first to the next one. It also starts up fast compared to that dog the DP1s.

We'll see.


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