My Strange Masochistic Foveon Desire

A while ago I bought a Sigma DP1s on a lark just because the price was so so low on Amazon. At the time I paid 300 bucks for the thing brand spanking new. I wish I would have bought ten of them just to resell as it seems the price has gone back up in a big way since that time.

Ultimately I returned it a few days after I received it to Amazon for a refund (they are great that way). The bottom line was nice images, nice concept, horrible execution as a camera in and of itself. I still feel the same way. Fast forward a little bit and I am feeling that Foveon sensor pull me in again. I cannot seem to stop looking at some of the StupidCrap™ images that I shot on my one and only walk down the street with the DP1s. I am not considering buying another one, no way. The new SD1 seems really nice with lots and lots of Foveon goodness but the price is outrageous. Even so it seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment. Did they make 3 of them or is there really a big demand?

I do have about 1000 bucks in loose change laying around that was destined for a D7000 to play with but now I am somewhat crazily thinking about an SD15 for a few hundred dollars less. Am I nuts?, Gone around the bend?, I wonder….

Will keep you updated with this little episode of lunacy.


Just a quick compare… The Foveon had a much smaller pixel dimension but was up-resed to mach the magnification.

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