Everyone Should Get Out More

On two other occasions I have written posts about the crossover or art - about feeding yourself with material other than photography or even visual to inform and guide your creative process. Both of those posts went over like a cement blimp. I expect this one will as well.

I want to bring to light a television show, namely Treme from HBO. The show itself is middle of the pack in terms of visuals, writing, etc. Not great but not bad. The quantitative aspects of the piece are superb as are most endeavors by HBO so there will not be a huge disappointment with anything technical. What I wanted to bring to light is the music. Yes the plot line is based on the cliche of New Orleans music after Katrina but…. it is actually pretty damned good.

Trust me when I say that I detest anything like 9/11 art, Katrina art, or any art that capitalizes on the tragedy and celebrity of the moment. That is exactly how I felt about this programme when I first viewed it. I KNOW LA in ways that are close to me. I know Katrina in ways that are close to me, I know music in ways that are close to me. That makes me a harsh judge of other johnny come lately people. I do have to say that this show is worthwhile just fort the musical part alone. Every single episode will surprise and delight anyone with a heartbeat, with the music alone.

If you have never experienced New Orleans music it is a great introduction. I would be hard pressed to tell you how or who could give you a better teaser. If you think you heard it and don't like it - you really probably have not. I do recommend the show of the musical score alone.  New Orleans music has a flavor and you will know it when you hear it but it cannot be jammed into a category because it crosses an amazing amount the normal boundaries - that is the point there are not a whole lot of boundaries to it. It is nothing like "you heard one, you heard em all".

Let's go with episode number 9, If you can hear episode number 9 in musical terms alone and not be moved or brought to tears by at least one of the dozen artists represented in this episode something is very wrong with your soul or you have a taste for no music and it does not register at all in your head.


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