Checkout These Photojournalists

Daniel Milnor put me onto this video interview with Australian photojournalists. I rarely pass this kind of stuff on but I think this is worth a look. If you are into photojournalistic or documentary photography you will find this extremely interesting. The other reason that I wanted to share it with all of you is because of two things that I found interesting about all of these photographers along with a strange coincidence you will all be familiar with. The first thing is that every one of these photographers shoots film for their personal projects. Not one of them - ALL OF THEM. This is a common phenomenon in Japan and one of the reasons that I follow japanese photography. I had no idea this was a trend in Australia - is it? Either way remember the Nikon F3 giveaway I had a month or so ago? Strangely enough Gabriel, the lucky reader that won the F3 is an Australian - go figure - strange. Wonder if these guys had some subliminal influence on his entry to the giveaway? If you check out the link for Gabriel you will find his first couple shots with the F3 - cooooool. I have been meaning to do a follow up with him to get his impressions of using the ancient beast but the time zone differences have foiled us. I will make it a priority.

Sydney now: new Australian photojournalism from Historic Houses Trust on Vimeo.


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