Odds And Ends - Thoughts On Camera Companies, etc.

Man when I go on a buying spree I do it right. You know about the iMac 27" right? Well seems I can not just stop clicking that "buy now button"… So I bought a Nikon D7000. I have no idea why I did this, really I don't. It's not my usual top notch rationalization skills. It was purely a reflex of clicking on stuff that might be interesting. I guess it is curiosity. There are so many people saying how wonderful this thing is I guess I had to get one and compare it to say a D3, D700, and D300s.

I'll let you know how it goes in a few days or week-ish. There is a 90% chance I will get bored with it in about a month and chuck it in the closet for about 6 months. This happens a lot with me - especially with digital stuff. It is strange how I have most of the film cameras that I ever had - well at least the one's I liked a lot.

While I was clicking and clicking and clicking I also found another thing that I just gotta have. A Hasselblad CFV digital back for all my wonderful Hasselblad gear that I still use. It's been a while since I was able to tether a medium format camera when shooting people/fashion. I sold my H2D long ago when I got out of the commercial photo business. Since then my medium format dabbling has been with my good ole' 500 series stuff - aka "The V System". So a few months ago I saw some files from the CFV up close and personal and was very much blown away. I might have to have one of these backs. I swear they were as good as the files from the Leaf back I had on my H2D - seriously.

On that note I am selling off some gear to fund a tiny portion and make some shelf space for the CFV assuming I cannot resist getting one for more than a couple days or weeks. - The last Pro DSLR is gone, sold locally (well I still have my beater D2H and D2x's but they don't count they are old. The next item up for sale is some of my micro four thirds gear. I really like it but I have way way way too much stuff and a hankering for big boy stuff. If you want a perfect GF-1 with 20mm 1.7 check it out. I am sure it won't last I price my stuff below market and deliver better than expected gear.

Oh, the camera company part… Well the one nice thing that I can say about buying from a "niche" high end camera company like Hasselblad, Zeiss, Schneider, Leaf, Phase One, etc. Is they actually support you. I could tell you amazing stories about how wonderful these companies have been to me as a customer and a pro over the years. They bend over backwards to get you info, support your purchase decisions, service their old gear. My buddy Les has now experienced this with his recently purchased Schneider lenses that are 10 years old, His Arca Swiss 4x5, etc, etc. Unlike a lot of the camera giants out there like "Nikon" - heck they won't even let me be a member of "Club NPS" FOR A FEEEE because I haven't purchased big ticket items in like 2 years. Yea right. Hasselblad bends over backwards to want to support me as a customer and I don't even have to "prove" that I own their stuff. Heck they even let me in to their club - check out my page… Looks pretty good for randomly chucking up some jpegs lying around my desktop.

I have no idea why we put up with the likes of Nikon and Canon - If you are a working pro they suck - I guess they are fantastic if you are a Rockstar but south of that - not really. Don't get me wrong NPS is great relatively speaking but I forgot how wonderful it is dealing with a "premium" company, I haven't really done that in over 5 years and it is refreshing. It might even be worth the idiotic prices for their products.


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