Time For Some New Gear

Every 12 months or so I get the itch for some new Mac gear. It's been a little less time since I got my MacBook Air - the 11" jobby. I am still loving it and my 15" MacBook Pro has not left the building in since I got it. So… what should I get? You might say something like "why get anything?". Well ever since the Sandy Bridge intel Macs came out I have had a craving. Big time.

As you probably have surmised I prefer "little macs" hooked to big screens for most of my work so naturally I was looking at the super-duper new Sandy Bridge 15" MacBook Pro to replace my year and some months old 15" but… I swear it never leaves the house since the MacBook Air. Here is what I am ordering next week for my primary use machine while at home. Seems like it will give me great performance  and TWO 27" screens.

  • New top end 27" iMac
  • 3.4Ghz Core i7 upgrade
  • 16G RAM / 1G VRAM

I decided to do this because of two things. The first is that I will then have two new 27" Cinema displays vs One connected to the 15" MacBook Pro for about the same money as maxing out a new 15". The second being that my irrational aversion to the iMacs seems to have melted away with the advent of Thunderbolt IO in the new Sandy Bridge intel iMacs. In the past having the IO limitations of a laptop saddled with a desktop form factor just was something that hit a sour note for my purposes. Yea Yea I know the new MacBook Pro's have a Thunderbolt as well but now that the iMac does and the quad core i7 model should shred an older MacPro I am more comfortable with that choice.

Any thoughts? I will let you know how it goes and how it compares real world to a MacPro that is well fitted out but getting a little long in tooth.


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