Anyone Else Live In A Migratory Bird Corridor?

If you do you probably know what the picture in this post is. If not you might have a hard time figuring it out without the suggestive title. It is a shot of the swarms of migrating birds that seem to be about a mile long and a half mile wide that are so thick with birds it is hard to even estimate how many there might be. Ten thousand? I don't know. In any case this image doesn't at all do justice to what it looks like. When you first see it during spring and fall seasons it is so surreal that you have to ask yourself if it's real.

As you know I am not the "outdoorsy type". A real nature photographer would have setup in the right spot and waited and waited and waited with all the right gear etc etc. You see that I could not even be bothered to walk across the street in order to get rid of the roof tops and overhead wires.

The reason I am posting this is not to display my lack of skill and interest in photographing nature stuff but more as a testament to how fantastic Photoshop CS5 photomerge is. I swear it's better than most of the dedicated tools that I have played with and actually easier to use in my opinion. On a lark I used my panasonic LX5 (still love that little thing) on complete automatic/pattern metering/etc. The crazy part is that I shot 6 or 7 vertical comps hand held at 90mm with not much care or even plans to stitch them together. For the heck of it I just through 3 of them together for this illustration. If I add more it just makes the birds smaller.

If you do panoramas or anything like stitching you may want to check out CS5 just for the improved photo merge. I picked up the upgrade for the 64-bit-ness for my large scanned files. On another front - I finally upgraded to Silver EFEX pro 2 and will have some thoughts in the next week that I can post. There is some bad with the good, hence my procrastination of installing the 64-bit new and  improved version.


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