Aperture 3 - Finding RAW Images

Here is one for the Aperture 3 SuperSimpleStuff™ series based on a question that I received about reprocessing RAW files. The question was how to efficiently select all all the RAW files that were previously unsupported…

First off make sure you are looking at your all photos view near the top of the project inspector and clear out any old search criteria. Then open up the search HUD and add criteria that looks something like this.

You know what to do from here… Just select them all with command+A then choose reprocess master from the photo menu.

This is probably the easiest way to get at all the RAW files produced by a certain type of camera. The couple of caveats to this are that you want to make sure that "stack picks only" is unchecked so that you get all the RAW versions even if they happen not to be on the top of a stack. The other one is that  a RAW version must show up somewhere for this to work. What I mean is that if you imported RAW+JPEG pairs with the JPEG being used as the master you will either need to switch all of those version to use the RAW master by using a similar search or better yet duplicate the versions and then switch those new versions to use the RAW master.


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