Print Production

I help people with their own photography. One of the things that I do is help to design and produce prints. This is great since I believe that prints are a much more gratifying end result to the photographic endeavor than say looking at them on your computer. Last week I took a trip to visit a firm that produces all types of display work for the Smithsonian. Myself and Les Picker plan on using some of their unique capabilities for upcoming display installations.

One of the things we did was preview a few images that are going into an installation next week. These are four 24"x36" prints that came off of a Durst Lambda on a single sheet. This printer has amazing color as you can probably see even from this crappy shot.

These prints will ultimately ended up on face mounted plexiglass that I will shoot a couple of images for you to see the finished product. Not cheap but well worth the investment if you at all care about elegant presentation with a more modern flair.

The other thing that is really cool is the shops capability to produce super large prints on virtually any material. I plan on using this capability extensively in the future for some innovative art/commercial applications that I hope to tell you more about soon. Fabric, Dura-trans, plastic, sail cloth, wallpaper, aluminum, you name it. What's really nice is that these guys really know their stuff from end to end… from scanning to printing true professionals that are easy to communicate with and an excellent partner. Have you ever seen one of these???? 100" wide by practically infinite length. Very cool.

More to come…


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