I Cannot Stop Myself

I have had a hell of a week - or maybe it was the week from hell. At this point I don't even know I just know that for about a week there has been some sort of hell. Anyway… you don't think that I can see something like #onedaywithjeshinstead and not comment.

Okay here is the story. I happened to be looking at the 4 or 5 folks that I follow on twitter and saw the Zack Arias tweet that started this whole think off - I had no freaking idea what ZA was talking about, I don't really know ZA, I have never met him. I do know he is seems like an okay person/photographer with a reasonable approach to things. Someone that I am probably closer to in wavelength then the target of his contempt - namely jesh someone or other. So I looked up the jesh dude and laughed my ass off. I know that there were a bunch of yo-yo's jumping in to defend jesh.

I do have to use the term yo-yo because anybody defending this guy falls into the same category as jesh in my little search tree of a brain. Actually it's more of a directed graph than a tree. In any case the leaf nodes end up in only a couple of spots with the root being yo-yo if I make the very positive assumption that he is not a total predatory asshole deserving some horrible fate. In other words let's believe that he buys in to his own bullshit - for me that is a positive thought process - this automatically puts you in the good category vs the evil category even if I don't gravitate to all the love-y dove-y goo-y foo-y artsy fartsy stuff. So the defenders either do buy into all of that soft fluffy poo-poo OR they buy into everything is good and we should criticize anything, everybody wins fluffy poo-poo. Both sorts of fluffy poo purveying types fall under the yo-yo node of my tree.

Just to get you up to speed here are the bullet points.

  • Jesh dude sells some sort of education crap that is sort of power of positive love and burn some incense type thing - obviously not my school of thought so you know where I would land on this.
  • He does some webinar thing where he offers a "discount" fee for a one day one on one workshop with him to smoke some pot, burn some incense, and get in touch with your true inner lovefest path to making decent pictures at the low low price of... hold on to your chairs for this... $16,500.
  • Zack calls bullshit on this.
  • Twitter and the photo community goes bananas between the tree hugging why can't we all just get along crowd (not a tolerant bunch if you actually have an opinion) and the ha-ha-ha WTF more tangible value oriented crowd.
  • Funny stuff.

Just thought all of you backwards enough to read my little backwoods blog photo people would like a somewhat belated recap of what you probably missed in the more web 2.4 social media photography connected cloud photographer community.

Oh, I have to raise my one on one rates or I will lose all self respect - right now I priced it at exactly the cost of my smoking habit and beverage of choice for a similar time period rate.


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