Giant Print Update


Remember that giant print I told you about a few weeks ago. You know the one that is a 6 x 9. As in 6 FEET by 9 FEET. We received it the other day and installed it at the restaurant. I think it turned out pretty darn good. I took a couple quick snaps of the final product on my LX5.

A little background - as all of you may know, big print = expensive print no matter how you slice it. Based on the overall budget  and a few other durability requirements, etc. We decided on a surface mounted inkjet print with a plastic coating that can be washed. It also had to be shipped. The widest size that can be produced by this particular service provider is 48 inches. All things considered I decided to print the single image in sections 3 feet wide each. Based on the edge finishing of the product you cannot really count on it being pixel perfect at the edge so… this is how we decided to display it mounted. Would love to hear your thoughts. If anyone cares, I can walk you through some of the techniques that I used to blow a 12 megapixel image up to 6 x 9 feet that holds up well at close viewing distances.

Here is a shot of another section of the installation - altogether there are like 25 images or something that we installed. These are 20x30 prints.


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