Photographic Effect - Why

This morning our buddy Matthew Connors posted some thoughts on post processing. I wanted to cross post my response here as sort of a book mark for some future thoughts and discussion down the road when I have a bit time to gather my words on this subject. Please take this as food for thought not an absolute as it is in no way meant to be. Take this in the context of a contrast between photojournalism, documentary, and personal images made by ANYONE using film just a short time ago vs today.

When I was making commercial images on film the full array of "effect" was not only possible but widely practiced - usually not directly by the photographer but in collaboration with the photographer. For my personal images, art images, documentary images, etc. It never never crossed my mind to run those images through the eye popping "effect of the day" in post be it analog or digital. At the end of the day why the hell would you - what is the purpose? Does every image have to be some sort of "LOOK AT ME" advertisement for something? You do realize that IS the purpose of effect, don't you?

My response to Matt is in the comments.


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