The Upside Of Being Distracted With Film

Yes, I am distracted with film. Which in turn focuses me on making pictures instead of figuring out what digital crap I "need" next. When it comes to gear lust a quick hundred bucks or so usually satisfies the need via flea-bay. Check out the Awesome lens I snagged for TWENTY bucks. Yep - that's like a couple cups of coffee.

Of course gear lust is constantly quenched via the deliveries of film - a very nice tactical sensation that is absolutely a requirement of making images. The upside to this is I feel no compulsion to continue to search for the "perfect" digital camera. I have my LX5 - I am happy with that for quickie shots. I have a HUGE array of film equipment that dates from the 1930's to the pinnacle of film tech. All of it is a dream in terms of refinement of function and focus on making an image vs. fiddling around with far far too many controls that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. The viewfinders alone blow the crap out of anything digital.

If I were not this distracted with my film stuff I would definitely be buying the Fuji X100 ASAP. Just so I can discover all the things I don't like about it compared to my Leica M film cameras. At least for the time being I am perfectly content. Speaking of the Fuji, based on all the initial hub-bub I would definitely be getting one if I weren't temporarily off the digital gear treadmill. I does look to be a very pleasant device to use. At least in digital world.

Speaking of cool film images check these out from the 1950's - amazing, simple, beautiful, interesting, no tricks, just strait up photography.

For something a little more modern check this guy I met up with that is a youngster that shoots nothing but film in 35mm and 120 - seriously nice work.

Only 5 more days until there is a lucky winner of the Nikon F3. I sure hope the winner will be gracious enough to share some images with us.


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