Where's Waldo Update

I have been a little sparse lately but I'm still alive. Just wanted to take a few seconds to update all of you on a few topics near and dear. First off - The Nikon F3 give-away is about a week away and on track. I finally have selected which of my Nikon F3's will be sent out to a somewhat lucky photographer that posted a comment on the give-away thread. As mentioned I was going to select one that I don't use but no too too pretty. I have landed on one that is free of major cosmetic damage (not that it matters much to the function), has an HP finder so it's not too ancient, and appears to have NO impairments or quirks in function at all.

The only "issue" with it is that like so so many F3's it's missing screw-in plain glass eye piece on the back of the finder. This is not really something functional but the winner will probably want to grab one on eBay just to make it perfect. Little known fact… I believe ANY round finder Nikon eye piece made after the F3 HP will work fine so don't get hung up on getting one for "the F3HP". The old DE-2 F3 finder eye piece will NOT work. Heck buy a used N8008 or something like 5 bucks - maybe cheaper. Keep your eye's peeled - end of next week we will have a winner. What should I giveaway next?

Another update - remember that GIANT print I was helping to make? Well it's done and looks fantastic - it's somewhere over 5 FEET x 8 FEET - the photographer and I decided to go the cheap route and make the image into a triptych that is 3 pieces and it turned out great. We install it into the restaurant sometime before the end of March - I will give you guys an image of what the install looks like and details on what we used to do it if you are interested.

One other note… Somehow in the middle of my annual winter depression, I am getting inspired to do a bit more real photography crap in 2011. Part of that may be some actual scheduled workshops. I am kinda not real fond of doing what I have done in the past - namely focusing on just studio lighting, nor just people, nor just technical stuff, nor just work-flow. I am kinda thinking of doing something end to end that might encompass a mini-project that combines shooting the subject AND the post work-flow rather than just one or the other. Any thoughts? Oh and it will involve shooting some sort of people NOT landscape/still life etc as I find that mind-numbing and tooooo dependent on weather conditions.


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