Another Film Convert

I have this photographer buddy. He travels to the ends of the earth to make really nice landscape photographs. He gets up way way before sunrise, treks to a remote location on foot. He carries 53.2 metric tons of DSLR gear, lenses, and "really wrong stuff" gadgets to cover any eventuality. He sets up on the tripod, carefullllllllly composes the shot. Carefullllly meters the scene. He tilts, he shifts, examines focus with a focusing magnifier. He has an arsenal of the finest filters to properly filter the scene to make sure the sky isn't too brignt. Then he waits, and waits, and waits some more.

Finally the light is coming. Ooooops the clouds are not right. Well well take some shots and come back tomorrow. You know that I can't do this - I have the attention span of a gnat but thats what you do if you want landscapes that are actually good. From my point of view this is THE PERSON that has the patience and the NEED to shoot large format film. Heck he's doing all the "hard" work already. The same exact stuff you need to do with a view camera. The only thing he's not doing is carrying a lighter camera bag with LESS stuff.

Over the past year or so I have been half-jokingly teasing him about shooting 4x5 like real photographers do. The only downside is that he spends a couple bucks on a box of film and processing. Oh, and the fact that if a bear shows up he's not equipped to shoot it instead of the mountain lake. So what - use a digicam point and shoot for that - or go on a wildlife trip or something.

Can you guess what he did yesterday??? He bought a newer, nice, wood 4x5 field camera and two german made, modern, multicoated, state of the art Schneider/Rodenstock lenses as well as the accompanying paraphernalia - all for about $1000.

One of two things is going to happen. He's going to love it and never look back - gone is the digital distractions and the mob mentality and the countless little anxiety inducing worries of "damn I wish I was shooting the new D3-triple-x". The other thing that could happen is I end up with a permanent installation of some very nice german glass in my backside.

Wish him luck - Wish me luck, I did promise to do his proof scanning for a year as an incentive. I will link to his ongoing endeavors as soon as some shots are up and live.


Ps. All it takes is looking through a few pages of this to KNOW I am pushing him in the right direction for what he does. My very first test shot with my 1930's funky-o-matic™ lens with a chip out of the front wide open with not particularly careful focus or handling….

and of course you know the drill - here is "100%" from a 1200 dpi scan or approx 12x magnification, or 5 foot wide print if you open it on your screen.

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