F3 - Giveaway Update And A Question

The smacked ass UPS driver delivered Nikon F3 No. 6 to a house down the road from me. Luckily I have honest neighbors. We'll let them continue to look, the sender/seller and myself as punishment.

I did discover three interesting things over the last two days. Winter makes me a bit touchy and irritable, the seller of F3 No. 6 is a real photography nut case like us (I will be posting some of his very interesting work soon), and I have both types of Nikon F3's. Both types being the HP finder and the non-HP finder. They have numbers like DE-3 and DE-2 or some such Nikon code. The HP version is of lower magnification, a little brighter, and you can see the whole thing with your eye farther away from it. The other kind has higher magnification - so may be a wee bit more accurate when focusing critically. Maybe not. So that begs the question - which kind do you guys want?

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Ps. Here is the give-away contest post.

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