I Hate UPS - Nikon F3 Giveaway Follow-Up

I hate UPS, I hate the general incompetence of people that are out there doing "jobs". I don't know what they are like in a one on one non-job like scenario but I do know that the state of affairs with 90+% of people that go to work in the morning, go home at night, and collect a paycheck for "doing some job" should not be employed at all. I am quite serious about this.

I believe most people do meaningless "jobs" in the sense that the "job" they do has no meaning or ownership by them and they really don't give a fuck. Therefore they go about it with complete and utter incompetence. This maybe due to their own general incompetence at everything or maybe a by product of most jobs allowing NO degree of control or decision making on employee's parts DUE to general incompetence so by operational procedure the company tries to minimize the damage. I have a great idea - fire the incompetent people and demand more for a paycheck. Not more time - just more care and better decisions no matter how inconsequential. Gee that was totally stupid and incompetent - you are fired.

Here is the end result - People that actually work at companies not only cause the issues but they are no more capable of doing ANYTHING to fix them or figure them out than I am via whatever limited means I am provided on the customer service website. Since this is the case fire them all - really. Give me the same shitty ass service and shitty ass incompetence with out the overhead of employing these fucking morons and give me a lower cost that more closely matches the value without the annoyance of talking to people that you pay to do NOTHING more than I can do using your website.

The 6th F3 allegedly showed up this morning at 10:47 HERE at my place according to the tracking number. Hmmmm - wrong. It was delivered to the "side door". Hmmm nope. Okay let's call at noon. "Sir did you check with your neighbors?". Ahhh no but I can see all of their doors from where I am standing and none of them live here in the winter - no packages. "Well you might want to check with them." But…. cut off. Grrrrrr. I walk outside and go to every hose that is anywhere near mine - no packages anywhere. Assholes. Call back and this time I am pretty mad - you see now i am doing UPS's job for them. The bottom line is that an investigation needs to be opened but I can't do that as I didn't ship the item. Hmmm, you can't just hit the submit button after you check the checkbox that says "start investigation"? Nope. Better yet - you knew exactly where it was, what office, what truck - that's what the little barcode things are for you shithead. Call that fucking incompetent ass of a driver that is still in the neighborhood on his cell screwing with facebook and tell him he fucked up and fix it NOW. No… the person that shipped the item must go to the UPS store where it was shipped from so that they UPS store can check the checkbox to hit submit a fucking week from now.

Oh I have to fuck around for an hour or two and then the other guy has to fuck around for an hour or two so that somebody sitting next to you can check the checkbox days from now to look into it? Fire them, give me a lower cost. They are useless.

Bullshit fuck you - fuck you.


Ps. The contest is still on I still have 5 Nikon F3's.

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