Film Is Forever - I Love My Kodachrome

I have tens of thousands of slides that I shot. Virtually none are scanned.Every once in a while I will pop open a box of "rejects". I know they are "rejects" because they are in a box and not filed. Of course the box and each slide has metadata in the form of a date stamp. The really cool thing about looking at some of these is finding images that I rejected based on things that at the time seemed important but I never threw film away NEVER.

Considering most of the film I ever shot I declared rejects the vast majority of my images have not ever seen the light of day. Every time I venture into the vast pile of rejects it's an adventure - truly amazing to me. You can do this with digital of course but it doesn't seem to feel the same. The other thing that's not the same is that even though I keep most of the digital I shoot, I don't keep all of it - I trash it. Never on camera but I do blow a lot of unwanted frames away. I will never know if that was a mistake now. Just another stupid reason I still like to shoot film.

Here is one of the Kodachrome slides I discovered today - there is a boat load in the same box that are fantastic and all of the same theme. My daughters playing with bubbles in harh horrible midday light. Forgive the crappy uncalibrated scan I will probably scan some of these for real as soon as I have a chance to calibrate my scanner which I have not done in a very long time as I mostly shoot black and white. Oh, one other thing - shot these on an F3 in the mid-90's

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