Yea - I Am A Sucker For These Rants

I tried but just cannot help myself, I resisted for a while but just can't hold out any more. I love these rants…

I do love film. I put my New Year's resolution off for a while but one of the things that is on the list is to shoot more color slide film before it all goes away. The stuff looks fantastic directly from the lab. The color palette is unique to each film and quite unique from digital. Yes I have tried all the simulations but they do not cut it. It's not just an overall color balance or level of saturation. It's the relationships between the colors. Somehow subtle but in general more "separated". I love it. Even color neg film is different. Maybe tomorrow I will scan on of my StupidCrap™ images I shot on that 10+ year old Kodak Portra a few months ago just to show you guys.

The real motive for giving away a Nikon F3 is to maybe give someone the incentive to shoot 400 bucks worth of film instead of buying yet another $400 disposable digicam. That should be enough to get themselves sufficiently addicted. I hope - that way there will be some to by for me and a few other like minded people.


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