Nikon F3 Give Away

Okay, the game is on. I am giving away a Nikon F3. It's not going to be one of the two "mint" condition F3's. It's not going to be my beater either. Nothing too pretty. It doesn't really matter they all work the same. I guess it's going to be one of the middle of the road F3's I have. It's better that way. The one I use all the time is my beater - the really ugly one. Why? because I don't care if it looks different when I am done shooting. Truth be told - it looks the same as when I got it. I think getting one in "definitely been used, probably by a PJ at some point" will be a bit of psychological freedom for people that are too worried about getting a mark on their too too pretty camera. That and an F3 actually looks okay sans paint - you see it's black paint on brass so used = good.

Anyway - if you want it here are the few simple "rules" to be in the running. I have a very very niche site so there will not be billions of people - probably just a few that will be in the running. This is mainly to promote the use of film and classic gear that still has many miles left before it quits. Secondarily it's to have a bit of fun looking at what each other write and post on our prospective sites - or facebook pages or whatever. So here goes:

  1. You must post something somewhere - anything that in some way relates to a Nikon F3 and film. Doesn't matter but the theme should be why the heck you want the thing. It can be as simple as a photo and a caption that says - I wish I would have shot this image with a Nikon F3. It can be as complicated, philosophical, goofy, sentimental, whatever as you want. The more closely related to WHY you want it the better but do whatever you want just be a tiny tiny bit creative. Post anywhere - your own blog, your site, facebook, tumbler, posterous, I don't care. Some how link back to this post. Get it?
  2. At some point between now and let's say March 15th, 2011 you must also tweet with a hashtag of #NikonF3 and a link to this post as well as your own post (see above #1)
  3. Last but certainly not least... Post a comment here with a link to your post. If I can figure out how to contact you by going to your post you are golden - if not make sure you give me a link to your post and your contact info via email ([email protected])

That's it. On March 15th, 2011 I will divide up all the good posts from the not so good posts and randomly select a winner for the good pool. Just my way of sorting out yo-yo's that don't really want to deal with the F3 but follow the rules to the letter. Don't worry I will have an impartial judge keep me honest on the "not so good" rejects. Don't worry too much about getting reject - think of it more like a spam filtering vs some sort of contest for the most wonderfullest post.

Okay - Game on!


Ps. Shot this with my F3 at some point. Plus-x developed in D76.

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