Nikon F3 - I think I Am Cornering The Market

Just snagged another Nikon F3 body w/ MD4 motor drive for $100. I cannot believe these things are so cheap. They are a deal at the normal going eBay rate of $200 - #250 for a nice user condition camera. Of course the truly "mint" and "special" ones bring big bucks but the everyday "regular" ones in great shape are a steal. These things are so cheap that I feel kind of guilty snapping them all up. I have like 5 of them and just one will probably last a lifetime.

I have given stuff like this away to friends/family/deserving acquaintances before. I am thinking that maybe I should give one away to one of your readers out there that has not shot film or ever had a classic Nikon MF body. The only issue is exactly how to do it. Most of my site registrations are spam so that's out of the question. Most people probably want nothing to do with it anyway so again - not a great idea. Giving it to a non-Nikon shooter with NO way to stick a lens on it is out, unless of course I also give away a lens.

What I want to do is give it to someone that would actually use it occasionally. Someone that actually WANTS it. Well I guess I will go through the thought process and headache of setting up a way to give it away, maybe with a lens if there is any interest at all.

So here is the question…. Any one interested in a free Nikon F3 - maybe with a manual focus lens of some sort? Would you actually shoot it? If you have a second answer the poll and even more appreciated share some thoughts on the idea - how to do it, lens/no-lens, stupid idea, great idea, I want it, you may as well just keep it, whatever - feel free.

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