Some More Kodachrome

Just some Random Crap™ that I had laying around my very very messy Mac desktop. Nothing special. Strait scans off my not too too wonderful scanner that I randomly scanned a while ago. I am not being facetious, I am actually emotionally affected here. Now that it's really the end for Kodachrome. I mean this is the first month that it was actually and really impossible to shoot and process.

I already advocate using film, at least occasionally for everyone that takes photography seriously before it all goes. It really is a very very different and wonderful experience than digital. Especially slide film. It's unique in that you have such a sense of finality with each click of the shutter. You are absolutely done in your part of the image making process. This is a very different psychological exercise than say shooting black and white film or digital. Of course you "could" post process it but for the vast majority of my life in film that was just not done for anything but commercial photography. Even when it was done it was someone else's job. You as the photographer were done and you lived with that version of your image. Any post processing was merely a tear sheet based on that image but it was NOT the image.

Enjoy (or not) I love how juicy Kodachrome is right out of the camera (the actual slides look better) - these happened to be mounted so I left the border. All K64 (PKR) although I loved PKL as well.

Nikon 55 micro with idiotically small aperture

Really crappy Nikon zoom that I hated

Nikon normal lens in the almost dark

Same crappy Nikon zoom that I hated

Awesome Nikon 85 1.4 one of my favorite lenses ever.

Cameras Nikon F2's or F3's that I had at the time.

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