God Kodachrome Looks Fantastic

For the last few months we have all been hearing about Kodak Kodachrome about thirty two times more frequently than the last 15 years. I guess because this time it's really gone. I loved the freaking stuff my self. Of course I had to stop shooting it for "paid work" because even clients would spec Fuji. For a lot of my personal shots I used Kodachrome continuously until my color gave way to digital in the early 2000's.

Looking over a lot of the photos in the media's recent coverage of Kodachrome gets me all weepy. Why oh why did all of us let it die a lingering death. Whoa is me… Seriously, I forget how freaking good slide film of all types look until I see it again. Screw it I am buying a couple of rolls and shooting it in the M6 or maybe the FM2, or both.

But we all know that we are all far too lazy and too cheap to shoot it all the time. Mostly lazy. If you haven't shot it in a while do yourself a favor and blow through a roll. Spend the 20 bucks all in to have it processed and scanned by a great lab. Just do it. If you want to see something sort kinda like slide film (not really but better than nothin') check out Alien Skin Exposure. It's not cheap and it's not the same but out of the lot it is the closest in my opinion to the real deal.

Check this article out. If this doesn't want to make you chuck the digital and just go with the simplicity of the shoot it and done of our collective past, I don't know what will. This stuff looks fantastic.

Here is an old random PKR (Kodachrome 64) shot that was laying around of nothing special - strait scan with no hocus-pocus. Not even a filter.

or maybe this one that was laying here

Here is a strait image and then a processed version using Alien Skin's Exposure's rendition of Kodachrome 64.

And the processed version



Ps. I really am going to shoot a roll of slide film, really, I am. Oh and I will do a comparison and review of Alien Skin's Exposure while I am at it.

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