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One of the coolest things about maintaining a blog is that out of nowhere ancient posts get resurrected by somebody stumbling upon them and then posting a link somewhere. Of course this can sometimes be embarrassing when you spoke about something you feel differently about now. Sort of like those old 70's pictures your mom has of you.

Anyway, when that happens I typically get a lot of emails asking if what I was talking about is still "true". The surprise of the week for me was that this post on the Nikon D2H was somehow brought back from the dead and has like 150 views in the last day or so. To answer a bunch of questions at onceā€¦

Yes I still feel the same way about the Nikon D2H. It was and is a great camera. Even with all it's obsolete tech, this was one of the cameras that defines what makes a camera great. I still endorse getting one - especially as a "beater camera". I am a big advocate of two things that I consider to be great ideas for photographers that don't have a bunch of experience with a lot of diverse gear.

  • Getting a old, cheap, "pro" type camera as a beater camera will do two things - teach you not to be so scared with you brand new camera. Don't abuse it but for sure USE THE CRAP OUT OF THE THING. Having an old cheap camera will prove to you they are hard to break and get you more comfortable with their expandability in any case. If you still can't get over it, at least you will have a camera to use in all those "dangerous" situations like near the water.
  • Absolutely use this cheap way to determine if the cost of a pro level body will make a difference in your photography or that the latest tech will make a bigger difference - or both. What's the difference in the images that pop out of a D90 vs A D300 vs a D3? Not much to be blunt but the handling difference, speed, controls may be make it or break it. Seriously doing this with an old but great pro body might just put you in the market for a used D3 vs waiting for a new D500000002.

Every time I revisit the old D2H files I am surprised how good they are. Here is a 100% crop of a D2H file that was a full length shot. Strait out of the camera except for the crop. No crap. I shoot with all settings flat for image controls with the exception of using color mode III every once in a while. If your stuff doesn't look at least this good - you probably don't really need a new camera.

Two lights for the subject and one for the background that you can't see in this shot.

To answer another question - yes I still do workshops but don't really advertise them any more. I sort of do them on the fly with small groups of people that have the interest. I charge only what it takes to cover costs for the most part. If you are interested just ask and I will keep you up to date on when/where.


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