MacBook Air Update - Finally

Okay, I have had a few weeks with the new 11.6 inch MacBook Air. I guess you people are wondering if I ended up shooting myself in the head after trying to use it with Aperture 3 or if I was so enamored with it that I no longer felt the need to communicate through the blog anymore. The answer is more towards the nirvana side of things than to the the shoot-self-in-head side of things.

Performance is by no means as good as it could possibly be as related to a MacPro with a Gig or more of VRAM but this little thing is delightful. Way way better than my first gen Core2duo 15" and not quite as good as my Core i5 15". I am declaring the little guy a win for Aperture 3 use. I am sure that people will find faults - most of them will be with piling on lots of GPU heavy adjustments on the same large RAW file and expecting real-time slider performance. If you have issues with that on a modern big Mac - obviously you will have issues with the tiny Air. If you had bad experiences on old-tech shared VRAM machines (a la white MacBook with Intel integrated graphics) you will find the new itty-bitty MacBook Air a dream come true.

I have actually done real work on this thing with real projects and absolutely love it. I use it mostly for stuff I want to do in the field - load images from camera, rate, metadata, quick adjustments and send out proofs kinda stuff. I have NO hesitation using this versus my 15" Core i5 super-duper MacBookPro. The trade-0ff in speed and real estate vs size and weight is absolutely worth it for me.

Consider it RB endorsed.


Ps. Get the 4Gig and the biggest SSD you can. 128Gig barely cuts it for field work nowadays.

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