MacBook Air Update

I know all  of you are waiting with bated breath to hear how well or poorly my new mini-me MacBook Air does with Aperture 3. The reason for the delay is simply FedEx/Federal Government cock-ups. Yes, it was committed for delivery on Weds but was swallowed up by the dreaded "clearance delay". Whenever you see that big red status on the FedEx tracking page, you could be in for a significant wait… Depending.

So I did what any lust possessed fool would do. I ordered another one from MacMall that was actually here in the US and had it overnighted. As soon as I hit the order button, I checked the FedEx tracking page again. Now the "clearance delay" was cleared and the schedule for delivery was back on for Weds. So… I called and cancelled the MacMall order prior to it being shipped and waited, and waited, and waited.

Long story short, by 7pm Weds, the estimated FedEx delivery date was GONE. Like no estimate. Grrrrrrrrrrr. WTF? Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the states so no MacBook for me. FedEx promises it will be here today - Friday. We shall see. This may degrade into armed conflict if I wait around all day and it does not show up.

On a positive note - Apple did offer me a free case for my sorrows.


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