Wanna Know How Aperture 3 Runs On An Air?

Have you people wondered or maybe fantasized about running Aperture 3 on one of the new MacBook Air's when you are in the field? So have I. Of course I have a couple of ulterior motives here. First off the I have plans for the MacBook Air even if Aperture 3 on it turns out to be a complete dog. I plan on using it for writing, coding, tech stuff - all mostly text. The one thing I do know is that just about anything remotely recent will crunch my text/writing seven ways from Sunday instantaneously without working even breathing hard.

So, I ordered one. The pint sized one to be exact. Of course I maxed out the memory and SSD drive as much as you could on the mini-me Air. It should be here in a few days. I can hardly wait. As soon as I can get a read on how useful or useless Aperture 3 is on that hardware on that small of a screen all of you will be the first to know.

I am happy with my choice even before it arrives. I have been longing for an Air since it's introduction but have consistently found other ways to spend the cash. Heck I have a perfectly good Core i5 15 inch-er with 8 Gig's of RAM that runs Aperture 3 without a hitch but I am sick of lugging it around for my light duty work (most of my work from a computing standpoint).

Can you imagine my bliss if it turns out to be workable with Aperture? Just me, my credit card, a fresh pair of underwear, and a micro 4/3 camera to do just about anything I want to do. Sans luggage.

Stay tuned.


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