Friday Thoughts

Sorry for leaving all of you Aperture users hanging for so long without a peep from me on all things Aperture 3.1 related. Also sorry to disappoint you with this post as I have nothing much to say about the upgradeā€¦ YET. I will tell you that I have had NO issues on any of my machines since upgrading and that from my perspective most people that have are probably not letting the upgrade process actually finish. It takes a while even though it's hard to tell that it's running - shame on Apple for not making this immediately apparent.

On to some other thoughts. As some of you know I am a huge fan of printing your photographs. One of the reasons that I have not disclosed is that I am actually a huge fan of paper. I love the visceral experience of it. In fact even though I have all of the modern devices that most of us have, I continue to use paper notebooks for most things. I go through them at a clip you probably wouldn't believe. Part of it is just what I like and the other part of it actually has some practical side effects. I will describe those some other day. I pretty much jot everything that crosses my mind down, including just about every thing I think of to post here on this site. Of course I never get to most of them - that would take 4 lifetimes. Just like the reading list I accumulate in those same books. I write down project ideas, random aesthetic and political thoughts. Quotations I hear or read, news headlines that I find amusing. Everything.

Be reassured that even though I have not posted on the site there are plenty of things that are on my "Blog posts' list. Today I just wanted to share a couple of quotes that I ran across in a book from about 2 years ago (yes I had to look something up). For your enjoyment here are a few I totally forgotā€¦

Avoid adjectives of scale. You will love the world more and desire it less.

Matsuo Basho

So... What you are saying is we (the USA) can torture to avoid catastrophes and we can cause catastrophes to avoid torture.

Jon Stewart

Interesting failures are much better than boring successes.


How much virtue is simply in seeing


Thank goodness that nobody can clearly read my handwriting. Normal people would think I was insane with the mishmash of subject matter and context of my notes.

Have a great weekend.


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