Aperture 3 - The Y and T Keys

Just want to connect a couple of dots for a few readers out there. I know all of you hear about how wonderful shortcut keys are in speeding your work-flow along from me and others, sort of like motherhood and apple pie. Well I just wanted to give you a tiny little bite sized piece of Aperture 3 super simple stuff today to give you an example of why. This is a strange one but I caught myself doing it out of reflex and decided to put up a quick post so I don't forget it.

As you know I love fullscreen mode for all of the reasons I already mentioned. I also love the on-the-fly UI adaptability of Aperture to suit the task at hand. The two go together so well when you use shortcut keys it is hard to explain except through examples. If mine don't work out for you the point is find the ones that do.

So… when I am in fullscreen mode I like to see my images in all their glory (or not) undecorated with badges and metadata but in a lot of cases I like to know certain things about them as well. So what is one to do? Well for me I use both the view metadata overlays and the tooltips. I do this because I don't like flipping back and forth between the inspector metadata tab and the adjustment tab. Too much wasted motion. Instead I turn on the extended view metadata overlays for some things and tool tips for others. To toggle between basic and extended view metadata use Shift-Y to show or hide whatever set is active use the Y key. Simple, fast, and effective.

For more detail I use the T key - typically while looking at the browser but also in the viewer. This toggle the annoying follow the mouse popup that displays metadata info for whatever image you are hovering over. I don't leave it on, hit T get my info, hit T again to turn if off. After working this way it becomes reflex and takes NO time to think about or do. The real wonderful thing is that you can customize the info displayed by both of these features to be any thing you want. Just go to the view->metadata display->customize item in the menu (also available in the tools at the top of the screen in fullscreen mode)


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