It's Been A While Since My Last Rant.

I know that all of you are wondering why it has been so very long since my last outburst on something photographic by calling bullshit out on something. Like interviews with photographers that talk incessantly about making every shot count and not taking too many images then at the end it comes up that he/she shot 30,000 images in less than a year to end up with 40 selects. Or a bogus horrendous magazine cover, etc.

Well, I have had quite a few fits but have not shared them. I think today I am going to have a short conversation regarding words from photographers that fall flat. They may be true but they just are plain bullshit coming from out of the mouths of particular photographers. Sort of like someone that has been rich since birth with not a monetary care in the world extolling the virtues of poverty. Ummm yea, okay.

Let's take David Allen Harvey. I'll pick on him for a bit because he is actually one of my favorite photographers of all time. I love his work and have for decades. So do many many others. This guy's entire career - the entire decade after decade, day after day, week after week, has been shooting and documenting what just about anyone of us reading this would consider EXOTIC locales and people. When he twitters that the best images are of humdrum, local surroundings, it kinda falls flat. Really? How come you spend 99.999999999999999% of your time traveling to hard to get to, hard to photograph, far far far far away places and take pictures of things other people can't? Namely places where the indigenous population have never even seen a camera. (Hyperbole here).? Why is that Mr Harvey? I don't think I have ever ever ever seen you publish or even display an image of where you actually live or ever lived. WTF?

Moving on to this woman over on the Leica blog. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The camera doesn't matter… Well you might be right but what is the motivation that is driving you to shoot exclusively with a couple of $8000 cameras, and a bunch of lenses that cost $4000+ each? Well I guess they might matter a little to you. If not why wouldn't you shoot with say a point and shoot. Oh and that is chump change compared to what she shoots commercial work with. WTF?

Being argumentative and paranoid I would have to think that because you do WAY different than you ostensibly "best advice" I would have to come to the conclusion that you are trying to sabotage unwitting folks into behavior that will not have a hope of competing with your livelihood.  No? Then please explain why you advise different than you do. Please, this is far more interesting than cliched bullshit that everyone says but doesn't do. One more question Bridgette since you got me upset with your stupid crap cliche instead of educating me at all, what exactly do your colorful M9 images of traditional 3rd world women, doing traditional 3rd world housework, wearing traditional 3rd world dress have to do with the "work" the agency you are documenting to undo all that stuff? I do not get it?



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