Aperture 3 Folders

Here is a quick Aperture 3 super simple stuff post for a slow Sunday. Aperture 3 folders, not just for breakfast anymore. Actually I wanted to talk about folders that contain projects and other folders, not folders inside of projects. Of course they are handy for removing visual clutter from the project inspector but if that's all you are using them for you are shortchanging yourself.

The great thing about consolidating multiple projects into some sort of logical grouping using folders is that they act sort of like mini-libraries by restricting search context to only images that are contained within projects under that folder. This is fantastic for restricting quick searches to a particular genre like family, landscape, etc. This unsung feature of Aperture is one that saves me a lot of time and effort to get at a group of my top rated images by subject or genre.

Think about this for a second and what it can mean to you. I have talked with gaggles of people that unlike me obsess over some universal methodology to assign ratings to images. The fuss and worry and philosophize over how a 4star image of junior relates to a 4star image of Angelina Jolie and what it all means. Once shown the power and glory of the simple restrictive context folder and how those two things can mean completely different things in a search they are free to use all that obsessive brain power on more pressing issues.


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