Aperture 3 - Album Picks After The Fact

I am a big fan of automatically stacking new versions created in Aperture. You can do that via preference settings. I am also a big fan of having a separate album for each different kind of version that you create from the same image master. One for black and white, one for special color treatments, one for 8x10 crops, etc, etc. I explain why this is a good thing about a thousand times in old posts and in the eBooks but what if you didn't do that and have a bunch of stacks with all sorts of versions in the stack with no rhyme or reason?

With some of Aperture 3's new search features it's really easy to make an album of versions with album picks of those adjustment types after the fact. I'll walk you through it step by step. Let's start with a bunch of stacks of images containing the unmolested version and a black and white version and you want to end up with an album where all the black and white version show up on the top of the stack when the stacks are closed.

  • Do a quick search in the image browser with all the stacks open and add a search criteria for adjustment.
  • Now that you are looking at just the black and white versions, select all of them via the edit menu or command+A.
  • Next use command+L or right click new album to create a new album. Call it "Black and White" and make sure the include selected images is checked.
  • Note that in the new album all of the black and white images that were selected have a little check mark on them at the top. These are the album picks even though they are most likely located further down in the stack. This is because they were the actual images selected when the album was created. This also happens automatically when you create a new version while looking at an image via an album. Very powerful.
  • Close all the stacks via the stack menu or or Option+; Stacks are the most powerful when the are CLOSED. They are a mess when they are open unless you happen to be searching.

Wow that was fun. Use this kind of thing to create a nice album organization inside of your projects using just about any criteria you can think of instead of a giant heap of image versions. You don't have to just use adjustment searches. File type is another good one to use if you edited a bunch of your images in an external editor or plug-in. Just search on PSD or TIFF instead. Once they are in their own album it is a piece of cake to close the stacks and add other metadata to the whole lot of them as a global indicator for their purpose be it flags, custom metadata fields, whatever. Some times I don't even bother with that because once they are in an album you have a work-flow record of what you did and know pretty much why you did it.

I use albums for just about every thing any time I make a selection. More on that later, this is my latest in my new Aperture 3 - super simple stuff series. Let me know if it is too simple and what direction you want me to take the series.


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