Really Nice GF1 Images

Remember I said that I use Flickr as a research tool to get a good sense of how a camera reacts prior to actually putting money out? Well I did when I was buying a GF1, I was cleaning up my desk top where I drag links to out of habit today and came across this photographer that does not take pictures for a living that uses a GF1.

What struck me about her Flickr images is that they are very good and very thoughtful and nobody seems to give a crap. Not that is a giant issue but she has like not one comment on her Vietnam set. Maybe everyone is far too into post processing to give these even a first look but I for one actually think that not only is this an outstanding example of the GF1 being used in the way it should be but also of some very credible travel photography. Actually more than credible - if she were doing this full time she could shoot for a number of dead tree establishments. Take a look. Let me know what you think.


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