Guess What The Cat Drug In - A Foveon

Actually a Foveon sensor with a DP1s camera wrapped around it. I have been playing with these Stigma, no Enigma, no Sigma cameras with strange and wonderful cameras for years. I have never actually been nuts enough to buy them. I have played with them through other photographer friends that are the lunatic fringe types.

To tell you the truth I have actually liked the color and image look they produce for SOME things but the cameras have been so bad, so poorly designed, so crude, so clumsily implemented, so ugly, and priced so high that I never dreamed of actually buying them. Check out the used market - even used these lunatics that buy them want crazy money for 10 year old digital technology that was poorly done then.

So what possessed me? Well for less than 300 bucks how could I refuse. My rationale is that it actually saves me money because it takes up so much space in my new hard-limit camera bag that it will stop me from buying something for like a 1000 bucks. That's a 700 savings right there. That and I have convinced myself if I really don't want it I will sell it on eBay for like 400 bucks to these Foveon maniacs about a month after Amazon runs out of them at this price.

I would tell you what I think but the battery is charging right now. We'll have to wait a little. Stay tuned.


Ps. I told you I was on a small camera binge - this is just a warm up for that Fuji X100.

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