2011 The Year Of Really Good Small Cameras?

2010 has seen, in my opinion, some really nice small cameras. Heck I bought into them for the first time this year. 2011 Is shaping up to be the year of the great small camera. The three small high quality image making devices that I just purchased are very much useable, fun, reasonably fast, and make great images. Next year looks to turn up the juice substantially. I still believe that the micro 4:3 system is a great compromise and will continue to buy into it.

Does that limit me - know. I am not a zealot. I love all the small high quality devices that are out there duking it out. The Fuji X100 is absolutely on my list of must have cameras. You can bet this will find it's way into my gear inventory. This one really fires a shot across Leica's bow - especially on the overpriced/under features Leica X1. It would not surprise me in the least if Leica either lifted some of this design directly for the X2? or even incorporated some of the features in to the M series. In my dreams Leica would enter the micro 4/3 market with an interchangeable lens camera a lot like this w/ a fantastic sensor as well as a dedicated line of premium Leica glass in micro 4/3 mount.

Maybe a Panasonic GF2 that works like this? Who knows but I for one am excited that we are finally seeing cameras that carry on the tradition of the Nikon 28 Ti, The Contax T series, The real Ricoh GR, etc, etc. Whether fixed or interchangeable lens finally some really nice cameras that are not compromised on image quality. Maybe even Sigma will get off their butt and make one of these with that Foveon chip. Actually they would do fantastically with a camera just like this that had a mechanical RF as they have proven that either they or the technology is hopeless at good AF.


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