Sigma DP1s

Just wanted to give you people out there some news. Something happened that actually makes the Sigma DP1s more attractive to me. It happened within an astonishingly short time. I have never talked about this camera but it has been under my consideration since it was released. Actually all of the DP camera. My hangups about them were typical. Too slow, foveon sensor math (translation = it's not even 5 megapixels, NOT 14 megapixels), no real high ISO to speak of, and no real justification for the stratospheric price.

At some point in the very recent past you can a DP1s for $299 brand spanking new from Amazon. Now that is interesting because the lens is really good and the images even though only 4.8 ish megapixels are actually quite good form RAW files that I have sampled from various photographic situations. That prices is a whopping two hundred bucks cheaper than it was selling for last time I looked and that was kind of cheap at $499 compared to when I was looking at them. You can't even find a used one for near $299.

This is probably the result of the DP1x but wow. If any over you are in the market for this very specialized camera I can say that if you can live within it's parameters it does make stunning images. I may get one just to save me money and stopping me from buying anything else. You see, $299 is far cheaper than just about anything else I could possibly buy to fill up my new gear limiting camera bag.


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